Field scale model generation and upscaling toolkit

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The StrataTrapper codes

This is the StrataTrapper upscaling toolkit. It generates heterogeneous fine-scale models with specific correlation lengths to update coarse-scale two-phase flow models.

Another tool is the reduced-physics model CO2GraVISim.


Top-level scripts and functions are in the repository root, and the rest in in src/ folder.

demo.m script is an implementation of the running guideline below.
Feel free to play with it and use as an example for your own scripts.


  1. Run stratup.m to setup MATLAB Path.
  2. [optional] Start a parallel pool to run computations there.
  3. Setup reservoir model properties and algorithm options in the same format as produced by gen_params and gen_options functions.
  4. Create logical mask to filter out impermeable cells and/or define an arbitrary subset of cells to process.
  5. Run strata_trapper function with all those arguments optionally enabling a UI progress bar.
  6. Export the outputs to PFLOTRAN-OGS-compatible text files using ogs_export function.
  7. Interact and visualise outputs the same way as in the demo script or any other way of your preference.



The original version of the toolkit is v0.1.0.
It has its own structure and some unique functionality,
so it may worth attention as much as later versions. describes the version history and key changes.

Other versions can be accessed via tags and releases sections of the repository.


Everyone is welcome to open issues and pull requests.


The StrataTrapper algorithm as well as motivation and theory behind it are in the paper:

Samuel J. Jackson, Samuel Krevor
Small-Scale Capillary Heterogeneity Linked to Rapid Plume Migration During CO2 Storage
Geophysical Research Letters | 2020