Imperial College Research Software Community Newsletter - June 2020

Hello and welcome to this month’s Research Software Community Newsletter. There’s a sense of positivity in the air with lockdown restrictions slowly being relaxed, conferences going online, and England proving it can produce at least a few summer days. There were some exciting announcements and interesting insights this month, so we’ve got lots of links to share! We also have reminders of some useful tools, resources and ongoing community activities. As usual, please get in touch with any ideas and links you’d like to see featured in the next newsletter, contact details at the bottom of the newsletter.

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EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellowships Call: As highlighted above, EPSRC have released a pre-announcement for their next Research Software Engineering Fellowships call which is due to open on 30th June 2020. If you’re interested in applying, there are a few resources for further information:

Blog posts, tools & more

Research Software of the Month

This month’s Research software of the month is Brian. Brian is a Python package for simulating the activity of networks of brain cells (neurons). It’s designed to “save the time of scientists as well as processors”: users write a high level description of the model including differential equations in standard mathematical notation, and Brian automatically generates, compiles and runs C++ code for the simulation. It is widely used in neuroscience for research and teaching.

The Brian 2 core team is split between Imperial College London and the Institut de la Vision, Paris. If you’d like further information on Brian, contact Dan Goodman in Imperial’s Intelligent Systems and Networks group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Some reminders…

RS Community coffee continues weekly via Zoom - check our Slack workspace for exact times and connection details.

The Research Computing Service’s weekly clinics are now running online via Teams. Research computing questions from all members of the Imperial community are welcome - from HPC to software engineering.

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That’s all for this month. Thanks to everyone who suggested links for this edition.

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This issue of the Research Software Community Newsletter was edited by Adrian D’Alessandro. All previous newsletters are available in our online archive.