Imperial College Research Software Community Newsletter - February 2020

Willkommen, bienvenue and welcome, to the sunlit uplands of the first post-Brexit RS Community newsletter! If you’re feeling downhearted with the state of the world be cheered knowing that even if it does feel like 1972 again, well, plus c’est la même chose. Out of the EU, workers on strike, but artificial intelligence is still exciting everyone, and there’s always ground-breaking work going on at Imperial. Perhaps we can conclude that man, like other primitive types, is fundamentally immutable.

And so to this month’s fun.

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(Almost) Research Software of the Month

A few newsletters ago we wrote about a lightweight Python web framework called Streamlit, which I tried using on a project this month. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it’s like R Studio’s Shiny but for Python - in other words a good thing, in my book. I got a simple web interface to a command line tool working quickly - it has a bunch of ready-made UI widgets for user input and results display (tables, graphs) and is very easy to wire up - but then discovered that it wouldn’t let me style the page with my own CSS, so I went with Dash in the end. I’d still recommend Streamlit for a quick prototype - all those callbacks in Dash make my head swim - but I like my divs the way I like ‘em, so there we are. Faut souffrir pour être belle.

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