Hacktoberfest 2022 runs throughout October 2022 and provides a great opportunity to get involved with open source and contribute to the open source developer community.

The Imperial Research Software Community will be running a Hacktoberfest 2022 event and hackathon on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th October in the Sir Michael Uren Hub (White City Campus). Refreshments and pizza will be provided! Check this page regularly for updates as we finalise plans for the event and scroll down to find out more…

Hacktoberfest2022 Logo and Sponsors

Hacktoberfest logo from the Hacktoberfest Event Organizer Kit

Imperial RS Community Hacktoberfest Event

When? From 13:30 Wednesday 19th October 2022
Where? Level 12 Sir Michael Uren Hub (White City Campus) - Room 1205
How? Click here to register now!

How can you get involved?

You can work on any project(s) during the hackathon and anyone is welcome to attend. The aim is to come together as a community and take the opportunity to ask questions, answer questions, discuss technical issues or ideas and generally take advantage of the chance to code in a collaborative environment alongside other researchers and developers.

Draft Agenda

This year, we are running a short Git/GitHub crash-course (Session 1) for those who are new to using these tools. If you are already comforable using Git and GitHub, please feel free to skip this part if you want and we’ll see you for the main event in Session 2 (don’t worry – you won’t miss out on the pizza!)

Time   Presenter(s)    
Session 1        
13:30 Arrival, tea and coffee      
13:45 Intro to GitHub and Using Git locally Alex Dewar View slides  
14:30 Tea and coffee break      
Session 2        
14:45 Hacktoberfest: Background and getting started Jeremy Cohen    
15:00 Project lightning talks:      
  - CHAMP Chris Cave-Ayland View GitHub Issues  
  - SMACT Anthony Onwuli View slides  
  - Recode and Exemplar ReCoDE project Emily Muller View slides  
  - PyCSVY and Sunglass Diego Alonso Alvarez View slides  
  - GeNN and ML GeNN Jamie Knight View slides  
15:30 Choose one or more projects and get coding!
- Ask questions, talk to project representatives
(breakout rooms available)
16:30 Interim updates - what have you decided to work on? How are you progressing?      
17:00 - 18:00 Continue coding, take advantage of available support if useful      

Finding projects

There is a phenomenal number of open source projects out there that you can choose to contribute to. Repositories that are looking for participation during Hacktoberfest are tagged with the “Hacktoberfest” topic - check out the full list of Hacktoberfest repositories on GitHub. Some projects also tag a selection of their GitHub Issues with the “Hacktoberfest” label showing that the issue may be good for Hacktoberfest participants to work on. Try putting type:issue label:hacktoberfest into the GitHub search to find issues with the Hacktoberfest label, or narrow the search down, for example by selecting your language of choice from the GitHub search results page or adding some additional search terms. Perhaps consider adding something related to your area of research or software work, for example.

You can find far more information about contributing to projects and the rules and guidelines for participating in Hacktoberfest on the Hacktoberfest Resources page.

Highlighted projects

We’ve chosen to highlight a small group of projects with an Imperial link that you might like to consider contributing to. Representatives of these projects will give a lightning talk at the Hacktoberfest event and you’ll be able to chat to them during the hackathon.

Details of the highlighted projects will appear here shortly


Please register for this event now via this Microsoft Form.


The event will take place in person at Imperial White City Campus on Level 12 of the Sir Michael Uren Hub.

Code of Conduct

Please familiarise yourself with our online event Code of Conduct which all event participants must agree to abide by.